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Black Friday Deals to Boost your Youtube Videos

Today, you will be learning about two awesome tool that people started using recently, and I believe every Youtube publisher should use it.

These tools are the reason, channels are boosting in search views and always ranking on top in youtube search, leaving you puzzled why your videos don’t get enough videos while others are getting close to million.

VidIQ – Upto 25% Off 

VidIQ is an enterprise grade software that you can freely use for basic features & pro features for a nominal price. Today, you will be learning about this awesome tool that people started using recently, and I believe every Youtube publisher should use it. Vidiq chrome extension and Vidiq firefox extension helps you in doing YouTube video seo.

According to vidIQ over 58% of viewers find your videos via YouTube search and related videos. Most youtube channels don’t have a content problem on YouTube, creating videos has become so easy for YouTube and so has the competition. The most common problem is not getting enough views and subscribers.

So the immediate question will be how to you get more views and traffic through YouTube search and related videos? Simple, you do SEO (search engine optimisation) for your youtube videos.

TubeBuddy – Upto 25% Off

TubeBuddy chrome extension, to be more acurate, it’s a YouTube extension, completely approved by Youtube platform. When you open creator Studio, while having TubeBuddy extension installed, you will see drop downs, shortcuts, and advanced insight analystics tools, which are not present by default. They are the enchancements provided by TubeBuddy. These will make your work much easier and enable you to maximise visibility of your videos in youtube search.

  • Advanced Keyword Research – TubeBuddy helps you to find high-performing, searchable video topics, and then craft the perfect titles and tags. This helps alot in your Youtube seo, which in general most people tend to forget.
  • Shorten your Publishing Time to Hal – TubeBuddy gets your ground running with TubeBuddy’s suite of time-saving templates & extentions which drastically speed up publish times.
  • Rank Higher in Search Results – TubeBuddy guides it’s users through YouTube’s Best Practices and ensure that their videos are set up for success.
  • TubeBuddy tag explorer – TubeBuddy let’s you to create a central list of tags, which can be used later to pool from. This saves alot of time, so that people don’t have to remember the tags or type tags when uploading a youtube video, and still get video seo optimised for youtube.
  • TubeBuddy A/B testing – TubeBuddy allows to make it so easy to track your changes and see how it impacts your audience for changes such as thumbnails, tags, titles and description when you make a change using A/B testing feature.
  • Channel Analytics – TubeBuddy can integrate with StateFire to give an in-depth analysis for Youtube Channel. It also, let’s you to see how your channel compare against your competitor, and gives a competitor scorecard based on views, engagement, subscribers and uploads. It also can put a watch on your competitior to get alert, whenever they upload a video, so that you can be updated from competition perspective.
  • Bulk edition tools – Finally TubeBuddy has bulk ediiton tools for almost everything on youtube channel, so save you time and effort of changing stuffs on your videos in one shot, rather than going through them, one by one.

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